Developed and produced by Playtech, Party Line is a classic Vegas-style Slots machine with 3 spinning reels and 1 payline. Every coin that players put into the machine enables a higher payline. When the reels stop spinning, the symbol configuration along the enabled payline is checked for wins.

Layout and Design

The game is based on a festive party theme, and features simple graphics in bright colours. Party hats and balloons decorate the game’s background along with the Pay Table, and the symbols on the reels include differently coloured drinks, a party hat, a saxophone, a radio and a keyboard. Up-tempo background music and enthusiastic cheers when a winning combination is spun enhance the celebratory atmosphere that the graphics create.

Playing Party Line

As well as being played for real money, the game can be played free with no deposit like numerous slots at This gives players the chance to get familiar with the game before putting any of their own funds down, but they should remember that some game features might be disabled in this mode. Because the game is a classic Vegas-style entertainment it does not offer any Wild Symbols or other Special Features, but it is possible to customise playing experiences through various adjustable settings. These include game sound, game speed and the AutoPlay function, which allows players to carry on with other things while still spinning the Party Line reels.

To set up a game on this machine, players need to click on the Increase or Decrease button to adjust the coin size that they want to use. To specify how many coins they want to use, they then need to click on the Bet One button to increase the amount one coin at a time, or Bet Max to bet the maximum instantly. If the Bet Max button is selected the reels will spin automatically, and if not players need to click on the Spin button themselves. When the reels come to rest, the game is complete no matter what symbols they are showing. If there are no winning patterns, players must simply decide whether or not to play again. If a successful combination is visible, players are paid out in amounts that are often more handsome than those given by more complicated or modern games.

Facts and Figures

Players can wager up to 3 coins per payline, and coin denominations go from 0.01 to 5.00. This means that the minimum bet per spin is 0.01 and the maximum is 15.00, and that the budgets of most players can be accommodated at Party Line. The game can be played using Euros, Pounds and US or Canadian Dollars, and the maximum payout in the regular game is 4000 credits with the theoretical RTP standing at 96.74%. All payouts are explained on the Regular Pay Table that can be seen on the screen, and when more than 1 winning combination occurs at the same time only the highest is paid out. A payout of 10,000 or more is considered a large win, and will need to be verified by a live operator before it is released.