With the Internet leading most activities into the online stratosphere it is sometimes quite easy to forget that the land based operation originally existed or in fact continues to do so. With casino gaming this is one of the most notable fields for which more and more players are finding it easier to simply play online. However the land based casinos still have a lot of perks going for them and through these and of course some tradition, these casinos will be around for a good long while still.

One such land-based casino is the Boomtown Reno hotel and casino resort. Offering all sorts of great casino games amidst a highly detailed and enthralling atmosphere as well as fun activities for the family and a luxurious hotel resort this casino holds a lot to be desired. So let’s get a good look at the land based side of casino gaming.

Details on Land Based Casino Boomtown Reno

The beauty about the bigger and bolder land based casinos is that they have accrued quite a lot of history and culture over the years and therefore really understand the player’s wants. Boomtown Reno for instance has been around since 1964 and, over what is now more than a half century, they have built up an inspired enterprise. Started as a simple stop along interstate 80 to afford the travellers a brief reprieve this casino in Verdi, Nevada quickly grew into what it is today. Owned by several different groups over the years this land-based casino was recently bought by M1 Gaming group. This again shows some serious character as the place itself has adapted time and again to different ownership.

Available at this hotel and casino resort named Boomtown Reno players will find tons of activities and restaurants to enjoy and experience. This includes wide varieties of different eateries and restaurants, lavish rooms for hundreds of guest and a wide range of family activities like miniature golf. Of course then there is also a huge casino aspect to this place, filled with a variety of cool casino games, but let’s give that subject a paragraph of its own.

Land Based Casino Games

Land Based Casino Games Available

Boomtown Reno is clearly an exciting and full place to visit, offering all kinds of fun for everyone. A quick rundown on the games they offer includes the old reliable slot machines, the classic table games and several other casino gaming aspects including keno and other lottery like games. The slot games are always a treat, with each game being something a little different offering players a shot at a new theme coupled with some attractive bonus features including free spins and of course everyone’s favourite Wild symbols.

The classic table games also offer layers of excitement and include the likes of blackjack, roulette and many more. Even the thrill of keno lottery is in the air, where the luckiest of players can walk away with massive amounts. The games on offer are great, the hotel and casino at stunning and there are more than enough activities for the entire family at Boomtown Reno.