Video poker made its online casino debut back in the 1970s, and can be safely said to be one of the most popular forms of internet gambling entertainment anywhere in the world. For players who enjoy a game that requires a certain level of skill with a low house edge and the possibility of securing some life changing wins online video poker is the way to go.

The rules are incredibly simple ones for even very inexperienced players to master, and require only that you play between one and five coins in order to receive five cards, choose which ones to hold on to and which to discard, and then use the cards the machine then replaces in your hand to secure the best poker ranked hand possible bets for horse racing. You will be paid out according to the hand you hold at the end of the game, according to the paytable that accompanies the screen display.

Great Rewards on Hand for Video Poker

Online video poker is the exception to the rule stated in the old adage that the house always has the advantage. Simply find liberal pay tables, play them to the best of your ability and enjoy the player advantage bestowed on you. When you factor in comps like cash back rewards and free play opportunities you stand in line to make returns of well over 100%.

The fact that you stand in line for one or more of the great bonuses online casinos make available to both returning players and those who have recently signed up means that you may well be able to play online video poker games for nothing at all, as well, something which is just not possible at even the very best brick and mortar casinos. Do your research, find the best deals and get started playing today! There is a world of fun and money out there waiting for you, accessible from your tablet device, smartphone, laptop and desktop computer.

General Rules for Video Poker

The majority of online video poker games are played with a standard deck of 52 cards, with joker wilds appearing once at least. After you have selected the amount you wish to wager you simply select the button that will deal your cards and the machine will randomly hand you five cards. Select which ones you would like to keep and those which you would like replaced and you will be dealt as many as you require, revealing the final hand that you will have to work with. You will then be paid out according to the value of your hand and the denomination for it listed on the accompanying paytable.

It is generally advised that players invest the maximum amount of coins possible for a game, as this is a great way to secure inplay bonuses. As long as you make sure that you limit play to licensed, legitimate casinos offering online video poker you can be sure that the cards will be chosen at random and that your game play will be fair.