Dolphin Cash is an online slot game. It is a fairly standard online slot experience, using a five reel, thirty payout line system. The player may adjust bet lines and the bet amount, as would be expected, which adds layers of strategy and allows for an intense game play experience. What makes the game stand apart is its unique theme and interesting bonus features, both of which are unusual and worth a look.

The theme is, as the name would suggest, based around dolphins and other marine animals, brought to life by detailed images and a rather whimsical soundtrack. In terms of accessibility the game is available on desktop, mobile phone and tablet. If wanting to play on desktop, please ensure that the latest version of Flash is installed and that it is up to date. If wanting to play on mobile device, simply search for the game in the applicable application store, Google Play Store or Apple iStore, and download it. If any problems arise, please contact the customer support centre of the website on which the game is offered.

Basic Play Symbols Explained

In sticking with the theme of marine life, Dolphin Cash goes the whole nine yards. The background of the game is a beautifully created underwater scene, complete with seaweed, rocks, and elegant bubbles. The play symbols feature a seagull, the most valuable standard symbol in the game, as well as seashells, coral, and of course a dolphin.

The only out of place symbols are the playing card numbers, ten, jack, queen, king and ace, which were perhaps included simply due to tradition. As with all slot games, the player must spin the reels and hope that the symbols land in sequences. The higher value the symbols in the sequence, the greater the payout amount. If the player is lucky enough to land the bonus symbols in a matching sequence, bonus mini-games are triggered that generally yield massive payouts.

Bonus Features

Anyone would assume that the dolphin in a game is the wild symbol, and they would be correct. The dolphin may match with any other symbol to create a winning sequence. For example, a sequence may consist of two aces and a dolphin, which will payout for three aces. The dolphin may also match with itself, however, to create massively valuable sequences that are sure to make anyone an appreciator of marine life.

But the biggest payout potential belongs to the gold coin symbol, and the moon symbol, both recognisable by the written words Dolphin Cash Bonus. The coin symbol, if matched three times, will grant eight free spins. These free spins will payout automatically, with each win achieved paying out three times more then usual. The moon symbol will trigger a bonus mini-game, during which the player may select coins hovering above the ocean. When a coin is selected the dolphin will jump from the water and collect it, delivering the cash straight to the player’s balance. Coins may keep being collected until the game ends, after which the player will be returned to the main slot game.