In order to discover all about the Country Club Casino in Tasmania, a local favourite, one needs to go to the edges of Launceston, northern Tasmania’s major city. Regarded as top of the list of both local and international holiday accommodation, dining options, and casino entertainment venues in the entire Launceston area. The Country Club Casino in Tasmania first opened their doors in 1982.

The Country Club Casino a first-rate casino experience, spread over two separate gaming floors. Launceston’s Country Club Casino was the second casino to be established in Tasmania. Hobart’s Wrest Point casino, a sister casino to the Country Club Casino was the first.

The Accommodation Selections

The Country Club Casino in Launceston has a variety of accommodation choices available. There are the holiday-based hotel rooms, there is accommodation specifically for business travellers, and there is even a range 5-star luxury suites. Next door, the Country Club Villas provide a range of family accommodations in the form of self-contained 1, 2 and 3 bedroom sets.

To discover all about the Country Club Casino in Tasmania, a local favourite entertainment venue would need to be visited and experienced live. The venue provides an ongoing assortment of non-gaming entertainment, which includes a range of culinary experiences. There are six separate restaurants and four different bars to choose from. The varied restaurants, between them, cater to most local dining needs. There are the fast food outlets as well as some of Tasmania’s finest in dining restaurants.

Non-Gaming Tourist Attractions

Additional attractions that enhance the local favouritism include an 18-hole championship golf course and driving range, numerous tennis courts, heated indoor swimming pools, and health centres complete with spa’s and saunas. The Country Club Casino in Tasmania also hosts various live entertainment events such as concerts and shows, online blackjack real money Canada, all of which add to the venue being locally such a favourite.

To discover all about the Country Club Casino in Tasmania, a local favourite venue for casino playing, visitors can enjoy the very latest in slot machines and table games. There is a double gaming area, so the casino provides a broad range of attractions for holiday-makers and well as serving as the ideal venue for some of Australia’s top ranging poker tournaments. This means being a top-class poker venue of note.

The Range of Casino Game Play

The Country Club Casino, being the ultimate in Tasmanian casinos, provides a top quality poker, blackjack, roulette and baccarat venue. In addition this is also where Tasmanians can experience the latest in slot machines and pokies play. On top of that, the Country Club has a full sports betting facility, with plenty of instant win games such as keno. The table games start at low limits, and although also catering to high rollers has developed a reputation for a highly responsible approach to gambling and community leadership in this regard.

The final reason to discover all about the Country Club Casino in Tasmania, a local favourite form of several casino games is provided. This first is called Federal Baccarat, and is a game similar to Punto Banco. The Casino also has Rapid Roulette, which is a game of roulette where all the players have their own terminal for individual betting options, available to visitors. To top it all off the Country Club Casino also offers Federal Pontoon, a British version of blackjack. The range of games at the casino certainly attracts many real casino aficionados.