Cowboy Treasures is an online slot game created by Play N Go. It features a richly realised theme based around the legends of the old American west, and the game has done a superb job of bringing this theme to life with high quality graphics and a stirring soundtrack.

Each play symbol, showing a cowboy or other classic image of the day, is lovingly created in high resolution, offering a visual treat. The soundtrack, fittingly reminiscent of the time, swells and changes as the player spins the reel, creating a rich ambience that perfectly suits the theme. In terms of game play, Cowboy Treasures uses a five reel, five play line system, as well having a number of bonus and special feature games.

In order to play the game now, it can simply be opened in a web browser on computer desktop. Download versions are also available for mobile phone and tablet. Note that although the game may be played for free, using virtual currency, the progressive jackpot feature of the game is only available for those who play for real money.

Feel the West

As already said, the play symbols of the game are high quality, detailed, and a treat for modern online players of slot games. The most valuable symbol in the game is a sheriff, who will grant a huge upfront payout if matched with himself the maximum of five times. The least valuable symbols in the game are a set of playing card numbers, each visually represented by a stunning design that drips with wild west atmosphere. Some of the other symbols include a horse shoe, a train, a glass of whiskey, and a black stallion.

Cowboy Treasure Internet Slot

Double Up or Triple Up

A unique aspect of Cowboy Treasures slot is the double up and triple up feature, which adds a layer if intrigue to this already impressive slot game. If the player lands three of any kind on the playing cards, options will light up at the bottom of the play area that read double up or triple up. In the double up option the player is given the chance to double the initial win, or lose it altogether. This is represented by the player picking one of two cards, with a fifty percent chance of wining. The triple up option works in the same way, but with three cards and a chance of tripling the winnings. Select this tempting option with caution.

Special Bonus Games

In Cowboy Treasures there are two special feature games. The first is the wheel of fortune game, which is activated by matching three scatter symbols. They are recognisable as golden rings. If being landed a screen will open showing the wheel of fortune, which the player may spin for a chance at wining a progressive jackpot. Even if not winning the jackpot, however, chances are good the player will walk away with something. The second bonus game is the free spins game, triggered by matching sheriff’s badges. A match of three will give eight free spins, a match of four fifteen free spins, and a match of five twenty free spins.