NetEnt, the Scandinavian game developers behind the Big Bang video slots game have created a space-age feel with clean, monochrome graphics in the seven colours of the spectrum: violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red. Ethereal electro-synth background music and sound FX stings accompany the game, punctuating spins and wins, and growing in urgency as successive winning spins raise the level of the multiplier meter.

It’s a five-reel, three-row game with 25 bet lines, and playing all 25 lines on each spin is compulsory, although the player can adjust the bet level per line. Only the highest possible win is paid on any bet line, so a win of, say, five of a kind does not pay the four-of-a-kind and three-of-a-kind wins contained in that combination as well. After each spin, the player is paid out the accumulated wins of each winning bet line.

Game Symbols

Big Bang game symbols continue the space-exploration theme, with the five standard low win poker symbols (10, J, Q, K and A) rendered in a back-lit modern wireframe font. The five medium win symbols are all cosmic bodies; from highest value to lowest they are a boiling red planet, a serene yellow world with rings and moons, a green Earth like planet, a violet gas giant and a cold blue asteroid. Wins require an unbroken succession of three, four or five matching symbols on a bet line, commencing from the leftmost reel. An excitement-enhancing feature that makes Big Bang different from most slots games is that as the third and fourth reels settle, any winning symbol combinations flash briefly before the fifth reel comes to rest and the complete winning bet lines light up.

A Wild Supernova

The Big Bang slots game’s Wild symbol is, appropriately, an orange sun exploding into a supernova. The Wild icon substitutes for any symbol on a bet line, real money online pokies and the win will pay the highest possible winning combination on the bet line according to the pay table. However, the Wild symbol does not automatically increase winning pay-outs, although every Wild symbol that comes up does make wins more likely. For bigger pay-outs per spin, it is wins in succession that trigger the higher Big Bang returns.

The Multiplier Meter

The Multiplier Meter runs up the left-hand side of the Big Bang game’s playing frame. The lowest level is X1, but the multiplier doubles with each successive step up the Multiplier Meter. There are five extra levels, so when the Multiplier Meter reaches the top level, wins are multiplied by a factor of 32. The level of the Multiplier Meter depends on sequential runs of winning spins, as each successive winning spin raises the multiplier one step, until it reaches X32. The multiplier will remain at X32 as long as each spin thereafter yields at least one winning bet line. A losing spin returns the Multiplier Meter to X1. The highest possible winning bet line, five red planets (with or without Wild symbols making up the winning bet line), on the top Multiplier Meter level will thus deliver a win of 32 000 time the line bet.