If you are a keen online casino fan, you may have thought about giving online bingo a try. Bingo is fast becoming one of the biggest casino type games on the internet. Most people are familiar with the game of bingo and how it works. However there are still a lot of players who have always wanted to give it a try but are not familiar with online bingo games rules. In the notes below, we are going to explore how online bingo works and how players can get started playing online for free or for real money.

75 or 90 Ball Bingo

There are many variations of bingo that can be played online, fortunately almost all of the bingo games are easy to learn and are based off a standard set of bingo games rules. The most commonly played form of online bingo is American bingo which contains 75 numbers. In Europe, British bingo is also very common and contains 90 numbers. In order to start playing bingo online, players must first log onto an online bingo website or online casino that offers online bingo. Once you have signed in and made a deposit into your account, you can purchase a bingo card and start playing for real money.

Getting Started

With online bingo, players can purchase a single card or multiple cards. It is recommended that first time players start with only a single bingo card in order to understand the game. The game consists of the Caller (Online Bingo Machine) and the players (you and your friends). The basic bingo games rules state that the aim of bingo is to mark off specific sections on the bingo card in order to cover certain demarcated area.

Bingo Marking Areas

The demarcated bingo card areas are as follows:

  • One row: Fill one row horizontally
  • One column: You have to fill a column vertically
  • Cover all: You have to fill all numbers on your card for bingo
  • Six pack: You have to fill a square consisting of six numbers
  • Nine pack: Fill a square consisting of nine numbers
  • Eight states: Fill the numbers surrounding the free space
  • Top and bottom: Fill the top row and the bottom row
  • Dotted picture frame: Fill every other space around the card

Marking Off the Numbers

When the game starts, the caller (online bingo machine) will call out the bingo numbers. Players must listen to which numbers have been called out and mark them off on their electronic bingo card. With online bingo, players can also choose the auto-dauber function where the bingo machine will automatically mark off the numbers for you. Depending on the game being played and the bingo games rules, players win the game by being the first to mark off the completed sections on the bingo card.

Playing For Free

Once a player knows the basic online bingo games rules, they can play as many cards as they like. Many online bingo sites allow up to 100 cards per game. Players can also chat to other bingo players via the bingo chat room and still keep tabs on their game by using the auto-dauber function. Online bingo can also be played for free as well as for real money. First time players can always play a few games for free before deciding to join in.