If you have keen memories about the Goldilocks tales you use to love as a child, this online slot will feel like home. The Goldilocks slot is filled with bonus prizes and the bear family from the original Goldilocks folk tale. The “Try it for Free” feature of this slot is played at maximum bets of 10 coins and 25 paylines, and offers players a chance to try out the game with no risk.

Slot Interface and Free Play Features

The Goldilocks online slot has been designed to cater for all types of players, with a fun interface which is easy to navigate. Goldilocks also offers a free demo game to players in order for them to try this slot free of charge.

Goldilocks does not require players to download any software to their devices in order to play, and the betting options offered by this slot are versatile and range from small bets to the big bets as well.

Slot Symbols and Winnings

All prizes and Goldilocks bonus games can be triggered and won at any time. The symbols featuring letters and numbers offer the lowest winnings, but the good news is that these combinations come up often, which could add a considerable amount to your bank roll at the end of the day. Three to five of these symbols could result in winnings of up to 100 coins.

Players must keep in mind that the baby, mommy and teddy bear symbols pay out up to 200 coins for winning combinations, and the daddy bear will send as much as 250 coins to your bank roll if you land a winning combination of these.

Goldilocks Internet Slot Symbols

Bonus Features

Goldilocks also offers players 4 bonus symbols on the reels. Expect to see a porridge bowl Wild symbol, a Goldilocks free spin symbol, a regular Wild symbol and a fun Goldilocks Scatter symbol on the spinning reels.

The regular Wild symbols of the Goldilocks slot have a dual function. This bonus symbol possesses the ability to replace any other standard symbol to complete Goldilocks winning combinations, as well as award instant winnings of as much as 1000 coins in the case of multiple symbols making their appearance on an active payline.

The Goldilocks porridge bowl Wild symbol also has the ability to kick normal symbols off the reels in order for Goldilocks winning combinations to be completed, but this bonus symbol also comes with a multiplier feature that multiplies all prizes with the total amount of porridge bowls on the reels.

When you see the Free Spin symbols of the Goldilocks slot appear on reels 2 to 4, this means 10 free spins have been activated. This bonus symbol also comes with a standard three times multiplier and could result in impressive winnings.

The Progressive Scatter symbol of the Goldilocks slot activates the Bears Turn Wild feature and this automatically turns all the daddy bear symbols to Wilds on all active reels. The baby and mommy bear symbols also turn into Wild symbols, but as an added bonus feature, they also reward players with 2 free spins.