Cyberstud Poker is a Progressive Poker game created by the world-renowned Microgaming casino software team. The layout of the game table has Blackjack elements to it, and the game itself is similar Caribbean Stud Poker, so players familiar with either of these entertainments should find Cyberstud Poker quite easy to grasp. A readily available payout table and comprehensive Help files will also make playing simple.

Cyberstud Poker Basics

The game has 2 parts, and uses a standard deck of 52 cards. The first part is the Poker Hand, where 5 cards are dealt to each player and 1 face-up card goes to the Dealer. Players put their initial bets, called Antes, down and then get to look at their hands and the face-up Dealer card. At this point they must decide whether to fold and forfeit their wager, or to play by raising – placing another bet that is exactly double the Ante.

Next, the remaining 4 cards of the Dealer’s hand are dealt. To qualify for play, the 5 Dealer cards must hold a King and Ace or higher rank. If the Dealer hand doesn’t qualify, players’ bets and Antes are returned. If the Dealer’s hand does qualify and the game goes forward, all players’ hands are revealed. Standard Poker hand rankings are used, and if a player’s hand loses to the Dealer’s they forfeit all bets and Antes. If they win, with a One Pair, Two Pairs, Three of a Kind, Straight, Flush, Full House, Four of a Kind, Straight Flush or Royal Flush hand, they are paid out their Ante and the odds payable for their bet based on their hand.

In the second part of the game, players vie for all or a percentage of the game’s Progressive Jackpot. The Pot amount is displayed on the screen, and 1 credit is bet for each player automatically. A Flush or better qualifies for a Bonus Payout, and a Royal Flush wins the Jackpot.

Online Cyberstud Poker Strategy

Cyberstud Poker Strategy

There are a few general rules of thumb that players at Microgaming casino sites can use to springboard into serious games. First of all, if a hand hold less than an Ace-King pair, players should always fold and forfeit their Ante. In the same way, any hand with a single pair or higher should trigger a raise. Players should also raise if they are holding an Ace and a King together with a card that matches the Dealer’s. If there is an Ace-King pair with a card that is a Jack or better, a card that is an 8 or better and a card that is a 3 or better, the Ante can also be raised. It’s important to remember that these 3 card categories must be checked individually in this case, and the 3 should not be averaged together when players are deciding what to do.

As players spend more time playing the game, they’ll discover websites, chatrooms and other online resources to help them discuss the game, learn new tactics and refine their playing style. Most Poker rooms also allow no-deposit free Practice Play, so skills can be developed and confidence can be built before any money is put down.