Discover Card and Online Bookmakers Payments

Issued by a Sears-established company in 1985, Discover is a credit card available in different formats. It is not as prevalent as other major brand cards, although some online casino Sri Lanka bookmakers do list it as an accepted payment method.

Payments made with the card are secure, processed almost instantly, and offer cardholders the added benefit of cash back rewards, travel miles, and student rewards. As with other cards, they are issued with a set credit limit, and interest is charged on monthly balances brought forward.

The majority of cardholders are in the United States, and it is accepted by millions of retailers and other service providers.

Online Casino Deposits with Discover

Punters need to sign up at an online bookmakers to create an account before they attempt to use their Discover card as a payment method. Once the account has been created, they would need to visit the banking page, select the Deposit option, and choose the relevant payment option.

They will then be given the option of registering their card, which would require them to submit their initials and surname as it appears on the card, as well as the card number and expiry date. If punters register the card, those details will be stored in their online bookmaker account, so they will not need to input them anew every time they make a deposit.

Punters would then input the security code on the back of their Discover card. The security code will not be stored even if the card is registered.

They would then input the amount of money they wish to deposit, and then confirm the deposit. It should be processed within seconds, and the deposit amount will then reflect in the account balance.

A similar procedure is followed if punters wish to withdraw money from their online casino accounts at mobile betting sites.

Various Discover Cards

Discover issues cards in three different formats. They include Miles, Cash Back, and Students cards.

Online bookmakers that accept the cards as payment methods do not distinguish between the different card formats.

Punters with Miles cards earn free travel miles when they use their cards. They also receive double points at the end of their first cardholder year. The card also offers cash back for purchasing Wi-Fi on planes.

Miles cards do not apply charges to foreign transactions, do not see annual percentage rate increases for late payments, and no annual card fee is charged at

The Discover Cash Back card is the most popular of the three cards. Punters earn one percent cash back every time they use their card, and every quarter, they can earn five percent cash back on different categories.

The Cash Back cards also do not charge annual fees, late payment fees, or foreign transactions.

The Student card offers a one percent cash back reward on all payments, as well as quarterly two percent cash back rewards on restaurant and fuel station payments. Free FICO credit scores are presented on monthly statements, and cardholders are not charged neither annual nor over limit fees.

Double-Check for Discover

Before using Discover card as a payment method, punters ought to make certain that the online bookmaker does accept the card. Punters should also ensure they have a back-up payment method such as another credit card or an e-wallet.

Changes to legislation have made it difficult for casino payments to be made using the card online. If punters’ deposits are not approved, they should use another payment method.