Video poker has been a huge hit in land based casinos since the 1970’s and it’s made the very successful transition to the online arena, where it continues to attract players in their droves.

The first video poker terminals appeared in Las Vegas casinos in the mid 1970’s and players immediately saw the appeal of gaming against a machine rather than at a table. There was less pressure and video poker games had a far lower house edge than most of their table-based counterparts. In 1979 IGT created a video poker game called Draw Poker and this version as an almost instant hit, setting the stage for the future of the game and increasing its popularity dramatically.

When the first online casinos started opening their doors in 1990 video poker was one of the first games to make an appearance. Often compared to slots, the fast pace and quick wins of this captivating game is still one of the most played online.

Types of Video Poker

Over the years online casino software developers have taken the basic game of video poker and come up with new and inventive options that are compelling and rewarding. Jacks or Better remains the most played variant online, but Power Poker, Double Bonus Poker ad Deuces Wild, along with more than 40 other options are readily available. The way you hold your cards, the house edge or the number of decks or hands played may differ, but every video poker and NZ betting game is essentially based on the original 5 card draw format. Progressive jackpot video poker games can also be enjoyed and the payouts in these games can reach enormous proportions.

At any decent online casino you’ll be able to play video poker for free or for real money. The free games give you the chance to have fun and refine your skills, ensuring you are ready to tackle the real money games with confidence.

Play Video Poker Online

Video poker is an easy game to learn, but as it is one that can use strategy and skill, practice can make perfect. When you choose an online casino ensure that it is a reliable and reputable one and once you have determined which style of video poker you want to play and spent some time practicing you can switch to the real money games with complete peace of mind.

Once you’ve placed your bets you’ll hit the deal button and receive your cards, and the aim of the game is to build as strong a hand as possible. You can choose to Hold the hand you have or discard cards and replace them with ones which are hopefully a better bet. If you hand qualifies, you’ll receive a payout and by consulting the payout table upfront you can work out what hands will be the most rewarding. With no pressure from other players and no intimidating dealer, you can relax and play at your own pace, speeding up and increasing your chances of winning as you feel more comfortable.

Video poker offers hours of action and entertainment to anyone who loves card games and at the top online casinos you can indulge in games that are realistic, graphic rich and very rewarding.