Hot as Hades is a slots game based on Greek mythology. It is designed by and available through Microgaming. Hot as Hades offers a five by three reel format, with twenty pay lines. The game does not offer a progressive jackpot and there is no gamble feature available, but there are numerous multipliers, free spins, and other features on offer.

The game combines high quality graphics with 3D animations such as bursting fireballs and boiling lava. The game also offers an orchestral score, as well as sound effects and voice acting to bring the characters to life. Some of the symbols in Hot as Hades include mythological figures such as Poseidon, Medusa, Hades, and Cerberus, as well as standard playing cards, including the tens, jacks, queens, kings, and aces.

The Bonus Trail Feature

Hot as Hades offers an extensive bonus feature called the Quest for the Crystal Helm, which is activated when landing three or more scatter symbols. The aim of the bonus feature is to reclaim the crystal helm, guarded by Hades’ siblings. The game is broken down into five levels, each played one at a time and offering a single pick feature.

Level one is the Pillars of Awesomeness, where players have to pick a pot. There are four cash prizes to be attained, as well as a possible ‘Win All’ option. Level two is Medusa’ Gaze, where players have to pick a path. There are three cash prizes, one ‘Win All’ option, and one ‘end’ option, real money online pokies. Level three is Poseidon’s Ocean, where players have to pick a shell. This level has two ‘end’ options. Level four is Zeus’ Stairway. Here players have to select a cloud. There are two cash prizes and two ‘end’ options available. Level five is the Chamber of the Crystal Skull, where players get two choices and have to choose a chest.

The Bonus Super Mode Free Spins Feature

Hot as Hades also features another bonus feature known as Super Mode. Super Mode is triggered at random and players will receive five free spins as well as a two time multiplier.

The Held Wild

An in-game character event may transform a regular symbol into a held wild symbol for the duration of the game. Three held wild symbols may be granted, which may lead to decent wins and will also result in a two time multiplier.

Betting and Payouts

Players may only bet a maximum of twenty five coins per bet. After placing their bets, either manually or by selecting the maximum bet or auto play feature, players will have to select the ‘Spin’ option.

When the reels have come to a stop, this may result in any one of the winning combinations, or may trigger either the free spins bonus round or the Quest for the Crystal Helm bonus trail feature. Payouts of winning combinations and bonuses are pre-determined and can be viewed on the game’s pay table.

During the standard base game, players may win up to 100 000 coins. During the Super Mode free spins rounds, players can win up to 1 000 000 coins. During the bonus trail feature of Quest for the Crystal Helm, players can win up 130 000 coins.