Players who love the classic thrills of blackjack can take their gaming to the next level with this game’s most famous variation at top online casinos! Online pontoon is played in a similar way to blackjack, but a few important rule changes shake things up more than a bit.

Players looking for a game that offers something different to what they usually play, and those who love table games and card games, can try their hands at this exciting game at online casinos powered by software developers such as Microgaming, Realtime Gaming, Net Entertainment, and Playtech.

These sites offer playing options for desktop and laptop computers, and for various mobile devices. Players also have the option of playing for free or playing with real money.

A Few Online Pontoon Key Facts

The first difference between online pontoon and online blackjack that will be noticed by many players is the term used for an Ace-Ten combination on a player’s first two cards. In this game, it is known as a Pontoon.

Another noticeable difference between the two games is pontoon’s rule that a five-card hand beats all hands except a Pontoon. Plays are based on the player’s own hand, as the dealer has no up card.

The goal of the game is for players to bring the value of their hand as close as possible to 21 by hitting or staying.

Online Pontoon Helpful Hints

The most successful online pontoon players are those who are willing to put some thought into their gameplay. Well-thought out strategies could result in successful hands that bring massive wins.

Players new to the game could begin to create their own strategies with a few helpful hints.

If players have a two-card hand of a soft 18 or lower, they could hit. If they have a soft 19 or higher, they could stand. If players have a hard 10 or 11, they could double.

If players have a three-card hand of a soft 19 or higher, or of a hard nine, 10, or 11, they could double. Players could stand if they have 15 or higher, and hit if they have a soft 18 or lower.

An important tip to remember is that an online pontoon split should only be done when players have an Ace and an Eight.

As players grow in experience, they learn how to tell when they should adopt more aggressive gameplay, and when they should be a bit more laid back.

Many players with four-card hands play aggressively, because they know such tactics could lead to a strong five-card hand. If a player’s four-card hand is weak, they could double their way to a five-card hand.

If players consider doing this, it is important they remember that they can double only once per hand.

Download and No Download Playing Options

Players have a choice of download and no download options for enjoying online pontoon at recommended sites.

Top quality online casinos offer free software for download and installation on desktop or laptop computer. This gives players access to a massive range of games and various features. These sites also offer no download Flash games for in-browser play that requires an active internet connection.

Mobile platforms optimised for Android, Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad, and other smartphones and tablets mean players can also enjoy gaming while on the move.