Craps is one of the most popular casino games, and once you get started it’s easy to see why. It’s a relatively straight-forward game, it is loads of fun, and it is also possible to keep the house edge really low if you place the right bets. Craps is technically a game of chance, so no real strategy is required, however you can decide on the level of risk you want to take, which may affect your chances of winning.

While this article is aimed at mostly novice players to the Craps tables, New Zealand players of all levels will benefit from reading our top Craps tips.

Play for Enjoyment

Craps is one of the most enjoyable, high-action games available at any online casino, and as such our first tip for Craps success has to be to play for enjoyment. Of course every player in New Zealand wants to win, and you will, but you won’t win every time. If you focus on having fun, instead of the need to win, you will mostly likely find your Craps game improved significantly.

Once you’ve made a deposit at your favourite online casino, you should consider that money spent, and then you’ll appreciate it that much more when you do win.

Practice with Free Games

Even though Craps is a relatively straight-forward game, there is a good variety of different bets that can be placed, and game-play can quickly become overwhelming if you aren’t familiar with the basics. This is why playing online can provide invaluable experience. One of the greatest advantages to playing online casino games is that you can play for free to familiarize yourself with all aspects of a game before getting started with real money.

You can play from the comfort of your own home, without having to worry about making a mistake as there is no real money on the line when playing free games. Once you feel more confident in your playing technique, move on to low stakes tables and try your hand at real money Craps like enjoying real money bingo.

Low Risk vs High Risk

As with most online casino games, you can play in either a high or low risk fashion, and Craps is no different. If you’re just starting out, we don’t suggest going straight for high risk bets, as you will only decrease your chances of winning. Even though Craps is mostly a game of chance, as you cannot control the fall of the dice, there is a way to minimize your losses.

For a low risk game, stick to the following bets as they have a very low house edge: Pass line, Don’t Pass, Come, Don’t Come, and Odds bets. Of course playing a high risk game can be even more exhilarating and thrilling, so if you’re keen to go full-steam ahead try out Propositions bets which have a significantly higher house edge.

Sign Up Bonuses and Promotions

Our last tip for success at the Craps tables has to be to take advantage of the sign up bonuses and promotions on offer from the best online casinos. New Zealand player should look out for lucrative sign up bonuses that will essentially double your bankroll by matching your first deposit up to a certain limit, as this can supercharge your playing power.

Online casinos want to keep their regular customers happy, and as such many of them will offer exclusive bonuses and competitions for customers who feature regularly. Pad your bankroll with these bonuses and enjoy even more games at the Craps tables.