The main theme of Cosmic Invaders, as the name suggests, is Outer Space, and the graphics are in line with this. The player will come into contact with flying saucers, strange communication devices and even aliens. The many rhetorical questions concerning aliens and UFOs are examined during this game play.

The game does not provide any of the answers to these questions, but this is a game targeted at the casual player looking for a lively game offering lots of fun. It may not appeal to some people as it does not give the player that one huge win. There is a good deal of playtime involved, but potential wins are fairly low.

The Base Game

Cosmic Invaders is a five reel, 30 payline slot machine game, filled with special features such as wild symbols, free spins, bonus features and scatters.

The base game involves the player aiming to hit the spaceship feature, which appears when three or more spaceships are present, and this be hit in order to get anything like a good win. There are three spaceships above reels 2, 3 and 4, which can beam down stacked wilds on to the reels below at random. This happens once every 10 or 12 spins, and this feature improves the players’ odds when playing Cosmic Invaders significantly.

Bonuses Offered in this Slots Game

There are certain bonuses available during this game that players should be looking for. Two of them, the Alien Picking Bonus gives hits far more often than the Cosmic Free Spins round. The Alien Picking Bonus is activated by the UFO symbols appearing on Reels 1 and 5. The Cosmic Free Spins is offered when three or more scattered Female Alien symbols line up and hence activate the free spins. Three scattered Female Aliens give the player six free spins, four Female Aliens give seven free spins, and five give eight free spins.

Another good bonus, online blackjack,  the pick ‘em bonus, can vary between wins of 15 to 25 times the stake at the top end to 2 or 3 times the stake at the low end. It will depend on the number of aliens picked before the round ends. This also, however, involves a fairly low end payout.

While this game does not offer the exciting multipliers or a progressive jackpot, the bonuses go a long way in making up for these.

Cosmic Invaders Information

The Wild Symbol is the Wild Alien which can appear on any of the reels. It can replace all the symbols except the scattered Female Alien and the Hovering UFO symbols in constituting a winning combination.

There is a special Wild Invaders Feature, where the spaceships above reels 2, 3 and 4 can transform symbols on those reels into stacked wilds at random.

An alien can be picked from a choice of five and that will give a chance of winning a prize. The round can end at any time, so players can pick a maximum of 5 aliens before the feature completes.

The graphics of Cosmic Invaders are fairly simple, but the theme is an exciting one, and the game promises enough opportunities to draw the attention of most gamblers, and all fans of science fiction.