Blackjack and bingo are well-known casino games that have become staple additions to many online casinos, which offer many different variations of the two games. Both blackjack and bingo can be played for real money online, and registering and making a deposit with most online casinos will see players being rewarded with one or many blackjack and bingo promotions.

Cash bonuses are often awarded for both games, but also available are blackjack and bingo promotions like entry into online tournaments, loyalty points and free games, as well as scheduled Happy Hours exclusively for bingo players.

Registration and Initial Deposits

There are a number of promotional offers that blackjack and bingo players will likely both encounter when playing online. Players will initially be required to register an account with their online casino of choice, which is a simple process that can be completed online. Once players have registered, in most cases they will need to make a real money deposit into their player accounts in order to receive blackjack and bingo promotions. However, certain online casinos offer no deposit bonuses that allow players to experience completely free casino game play before making a deposit.

Match Bonuses

The welcome bonuses available to players of both blackjack and bingo online vary from casino to casino, but there is a selection of promotion types that most casinos will offer to new players. Match bonuses are the first addition to the list of blackjack and bingo promotions. With this bonus type, the online casino in question will match players’ initial deposit value, up to a certain amount, which depends on the casino in question.

Percentage Bonuses

Percentage bonuses are another bonus on the list of blackjack and bingo promotions available online. Some online casinos will award a percentage of players’ initial deposits back to them as a welcome bonus, and this percentage varies between casinos.

Reload Bonuses

Reload bonuses, too, are available at many online casinos. Reload bonuses are designed to keep blackjack and bingo players regularly playing their games of choice by offering them a promotion that is awarded after the initial deposit has been made. These blackjack and bingo promotions may be similar in nature to match or percentage bonuses, and certain casinos even award their regular players reload bonuses on a monthly basis.

Refer a Friend Bonuses

Some casinos also offer Refer-a-Friend bonuses. These bonuses are awarded whenever players successfully convince their friends or acquaintances to sign up and play blackjack or bingo at the online casino in question. Every time a friend signs up, one of these blackjack and bingo promotions will be awarded.

Additional Blackjack and Bingo Promotions

Additionally, players of both blackjack and bingo games online may be able to participate in online tournaments. Blackjack tournaments and video bingo tournaments will likely be on the list of blackjack and bingo promotions available at online casinos NZ, and players can accumulate points to gain entry to these tournaments by playing blackjack and bingo games regularly. Online casino loyalty points may also be awarded to players when playing bingo or blackjack, and these loyalty points may accumulate to award players even more blackjack and bingo promotions.